Andover Baptist Church: Sharing Life
[Be Rich] Love: Faith in the Flesh
[Be Rich] Serve: Follow the Leader
Is it too early for Christmas?

Is it too early for Christmas?

October 15, 2020

Join us this week as we talk all things Christmas and is it really jingle all the way? Some great wins and some thoughts on what comes after Christmas.

[Be Rich] Give: Actions Speak Louder
[Be Rich] Finding True Riches
Fear & Panic

Fear & Panic

October 1, 2020

We are back! Join us for a light-hearted take on life, as we return back to school and try to follow the every changing guidance. We chat about some of the worries and fears we face trying to follow the rules, people not following the rules, etc. We also end with some really funny fails!

[Me & My Big Mouth] With All Due Respect
[Me & My Big Mouth] Words of a Different Kind
[Me & My Big Mouth] Word to the Wise
[Me & My Big Mouth] Handle with Care

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